Redefining Home Healthcare with Modern Technology

Redefining Home Healthcare with Modern Technology

Charleigh Atkins, Director - Home Health (DME division), Memorial Healthcare System

Redefining Home Healthcare with Modern TechnologyCharleigh Atkins, Director - Home Health (DME division), Memorial Healthcare System

Technology has made a significant impact on the patients by extending services to their desired location without compromising with its quality. The new technologies have helped to establish a very secure and efficient in-home care system with greater accessibility and communication with the health care organizations.

Accessing healthcare facilities through the digital platform is a key need of the hour. In the technologically wrapped world, the healthcare sector has wisely utilized technology to make the system more effective.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people above the age of 60 will be challenging the responsibilities of the health organizations. Hence, they will need to reorganize their system for better and long-term services. Integrating technology here will bring down their investments and enhance the services.

The areas of home care that utilize technology

Remote monitoring: IoT enabled devices are widely used to remotely access and monitor the health of patients with real-time data. Certain wearable devices help monitor heart rates, oxygen levels, and blood pressure of the patients. Similarly, some devices are installed on furniture or floors to help in tracking the movements of the patients and prevent accidents.

Top 10 Home Healthcare Tech Companies - 2019Mobile care: Often, elderly and critical patients reside in remote locations. To reach out to them, mobile care solutions are important. This can help arrange for mobile devices for monitoring health and ensuring timely visits of the care providers, thereby extending services to home locations.

Virtual Consultation: There might be situations where the healthcare provider might not be available for a physical visit to the patient’s residence or might take a very long time to reach. Microsoft has come up with telehealth solutions to prevent any compromises for the delay or unavailability of care providers. Communicating through video tele-calling facilitates observation of patient’s physical conditions and virtual counseling, which is, any day, better than audio calls.

Health Bot service: Instead of interacting directly with the doctors, patients can now interact with the AI-enabled software services for their preliminary health advice and receive solutions from trustworthy sources. These data are recorded and linked with the medical terminologies in the systems, which later help the doctors with their follow-ups.

Healthcare operational analytics: This solution helps acquire a large amount of healthcare data, integrate them into predictive models, and get valuable remarks, aiding in better treatment of the patients. This has also proved to reduce the cost of procedures and improve decision making for better care of the patients.

Blending technology into healthcare strengthens the communication between the users and service providers. With technology-aided devices, patients and their families can get a clear insight into their condition, monitor them better, and receive personalized health care service even amidst this pandemic. The scope of technology is wider and has a bright future making the receivers of this service more comfortable and secure.

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