SMARTcare Software: Optimizing the Patient Caregiver Experience

SMARTcare Software: Optimizing the Patient Caregiver Experience

Scott Zielski, President & CEO, SMARTcareScott Zielski, President & CEO, SMARTcare Software
Global aging is a reality. Demographics are shifting with a significant surge in the number of adults aged 65 and over. This demographic shift, as well as the need to lower the overall cost of healthcare, while also providing for improved patient care and better outcomes, has created a growing demand for care in the home. At the same time, the number of available caregivers is limited with low wage workers in demand across many industries. Mandated caregiver training, reimbursement rates that restrict wages, and the inherent challenges that come with the job further inhibit the available pool of caregivers. Current caregiver retention rates are less than 20 percent. Finding and more importantly, keeping successful, experienced caregivers is strategically critical for the success of providers and vital to the success of the overall movement of care into the home.

“SMARTcare was founded on the notion that we have a duty to our parents and grandparents to ensure that the generations that came before us age with dignity; with healthcare that meets their needs, provides comfort, is convenient, and delivers the best experience possible,” explains Scott Zielski, Co-founder, President, and CEO of SMARTcare Software. SMARTcare is flipping the script for home care providers with a focus on optimizing the patient caregiver experience. SMARTcare delivers point-of-care systems that leverage the latest digital technology, including AI, social, automation, and interoperability to improve care, increase engagement, and deliver an unmatched user experience. All of its solutions are powered by SMARTcare’s Intelligent Enterprise Platform.

“We recognized the changes coming in home care and the need for better and easy-to-use tools to foster a stronger connection between the caregiver and the patient, and the caregiver and their agency. Technology solutions to nurture a deeper relationship, a deeper commitment,” says Zielski.

SMARTcare’s Intelligent Enterprise Platform was built by caregivers for caregivers

SMARTcare’s point-of-care application fosters this relationship through HIPAA compliant communication, built in “agency social” tools, loyalty rewards, as well as other proprietary capabilities that give SMARTcare’s customers a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining their team. “Home care is certainly an industry where the better you treat your team, the better they take care of your clients, which directly translates into business success,” explains Zielski.

The SMARTcare Platform is an enterprise level solution; a single system for prospecting, CRM, patient intake, scheduling, clinical documentation, payroll, HR management, general ledger integration, electronic claim submission, and revenue cycle management. The platform optimizes operations and gives home care providers continuous visibility and deep insights across their care network. The focus on caregiver satisfaction is already paying off for SMARTcare’s agency partners who have been experiencing caregiver retention rates over three times the industry average. “We have a proven model to increase caregiver satisfaction and retention, but we have further to go,” says Zielski. SMARTcare has created a channel to provide value added solutions to increase retention rates. We are expanding our caregiver-patient engagement tools with on-demand service ordering and caregiver loyalty applications.

“What we have found with home care agencies is that once you have implemented a solution for one agency, you have implemented a solution for one agency. SMARTcare is highly configurable and customizable for each customer. SMARTcare’s Intelligent Enterprise Platform was built by caregivers for caregivers,” explains Zielski. Every agency’s workflow is unique to their own policies and procedures, depending on their client make-up, local certification requirements, and the requirements of their payers. Because it was developed within an agency, the SMARTcare team recognizes the importance of implementing a solution that can map to and optimize existing workflow; this allows providers to come up to speed very quickly. Agency partners, almost overnight, begin to deliver better care, increase patient and caregiver satisfaction, and achieve improved health outcomes. All while saving time and money, and operating more efficiently with a single solution, with a focus on optimizing the patient caregiver experience.

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SMARTcare Software

SMARTcare Software

Eau Claire, WI

Scott Zielski, President & CEO, SMARTcare Software

SMARTcare Software is a leading enterprise level business automation solution for home healthcare. The company’s platform makes use of connected devices to organize, optimize, and simplify the delivery of care, while saving time. It streamlines communication, data processing, billing for Medicaid, and patient-caregiver engagement, which ultimately translates to higher levels of satisfaction. Its highly customizable capabilities helps cater to a client’s highly specific needs via a combination of homecare technologies, mobile point of care applications, and integrated on-demand care coordination with caregiver and family loyalty tools as well