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Generations Homecare System: All-in-One Solution for Streamlined Homecare Services

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Lisa Ferden, Co-Founders & CEO and Lance Ferden, Co-Founders & CEO, Generations Homecare SystemLisa Ferden, Co-Founders & CEO and Lance Ferden, Co-Founders & CEO, Generations Homecare System
Life expectancy has shot up globally in the last 30 years, thanks to the advancements in healthcare technologies and delivery methods. As a result, nearly 17 percent of the total population in the U.S. is over the age of 65, and the number is expected to double by 2060. This population has unique requirements to fulfill their social, emotional, and home-based needs. As such, homecare providers often need to provide medical devices, medication management, consultative and palliative care to facilitate coherent home based services. Generations Homecare System was established to help homecare agencies in the United States and around the world navigate complex challenges associated with homecare delivery.

Lisa Ferden, Co-founder and CEO of Generations Homecare System says, “Generations is an all-in-one homecare management solution that assists homecare administrators, schedulers, case managers, caregivers, and clients. It ultimately serves as an essential tool for the secure documentation of service.”

Generations is a web-based solution that allows care teams to collaborate and deliver quality care in real time. With Generations, caregivers have secure access to care plans that are created based on the specific needs of each care recipient. The care plan includes a task-list, which caregivers and clinicians can refer to while attending to an individual. Once accomplished, they can mark these tasks as completed and also comment on an individual’s wellness by providing real-time metrics for indicators such as sudden weight gain or pain level. These metrics can be shared across the entire care team, often resulting in improved health outcomes.

Additionally, the comprehensive reporting functionality found in Generations allows care teams to gain deeper insights into the health and wellness of their clients through tracking and analyzing outcomes of the services they deliver. Agencies can then use this data to demonstrate successful care outcomes and to attract referral sources.

According to Lisa, caregivers have to be the eyes and ears of safety conditions for their clients. Therefore they must pay special attention to elements of care that are essential for the health and well-being of clients. For example, it is essential caregivers have an appropriate channel to communicate potential issues such as social isolation or inadequate nutrition. Generations also enables caregivers to report in real time changing conditions of clients and streamline additional services, including oxygen delivery, nutrition, medication management, and more.

Generations is an all-in-one homecare management solution that assists home care administrators, schedulers, case managers, caregivers, and clients

Furthermore, reports found in Generations give providers de-identified information which demonstrate the successful outcomes of the service they provide.

Clinicians and caregivers can use Generations securely via a highly-rated mobile app that is compatible with any mobile device with an internet connection. The powerful solution features Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) which allows caregivers to clock in and out via GPS or by using a verified telephone. This enables homecare providers to track and monitor their services, including the arrival and departure times of caregivers. For example, in instances where a caregiver is running late, Generations will send an alert to supervisors to ensure appropriate follow up occurs.

Additionally, Generations helps providers comply with state-mandated billing processes, and facilitates accurate billing and expedited reimbursement. “With our secure EHR platform, we help our partners provide better care while reducing the burden of paper and the risks associated with data breaches,” says Lisa. Another feature that makes Generations unique is its capability to bill different payers—be it long-term care insurance or state Medicaid programs.

Going beyond the purpose of managing and monitoring homecare services, Generations also equips providers with an applicant tracking system to help manage the hiring and onboarding of caregivers. This tool even helps agencies hire the right talent by issuing online applications and secure messaging services between applicants and hiring managers.

Continued efforts to perfect its technology and drive high security standards will continue to be a keen focus for Generations. To that measure, IDS, the parent company of Generations has once again been recertified by TrustArc for its stringent security and privacy practices.

What can we expect from Generations in the coming years? Generations has made a comprehensive list of plans for the future, including the development of state-specific Medicaid billing solutions for homecare agencies in the United States. According to the 21st Century Cures Act, states are requiring personal care and soon, home health providers to use a system like Generations for billing state Medicaid services. Hundreds of care providers across the US have been using Generations and its EVV solution successfully and for several years. This readiness will allow the billing of medicaid services to be expedited just as soon as states finish setting up their aggregators of data.

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Generations Homecare System

Generations Homecare System

Mount Pleasant, MI

Lisa Ferden, Co-Founders & CEO and Lance Ferden, Co-Founders & CEO, Generations Homecare System

Founded in 2002, Generations Homecare System is headquartered in Mount Pleasant, MI. Integrated Database Systems is the company behind Generations Homecare System, a comprehensive management solution for the private duty and Medicaid sectors of the homecare industry. Generations is an innovative, secure, easy to use system that ensures providers maintain compliance, grow their business, and deliver the highest quality care. The services provided by the company are Generations Homecare System, Home care software, Private Duty Home Care, Homecare scheduling, Electronic Visit Verification, and Homecare compliance. Generations Homecare System has been dedicated to creating a quality homecare software service for the growing home care industry