Top Home Healthcare Solution Companies
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Top 10 Home Healthcare Solution Companies - 2021

Over the last 12 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the necessity to provide more care, both acute and non-acute, at home to protect patients from infections and other unwanted health anomalies. And in order to achieve this mission, the healthcare sector are implementing tech-driven home healthcare solutions powered by emerging technologies to gain better and more accurate information on a patient’s health status, as well as effectively manage their treatment and rehabilitation remotely. From a technology standpoint, AI models are helping caregivers accurately predict potential health risks, thereby improving the instances of early intervention for chronic disorders. Similarly, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is providing clinicians vital patient health indicators in real-time, enabling efficient 24/7 patient monitoring and more timely treatment approaches.

Taking into account the ever-increasing number of intuitive home healthcare solutions entering the market, choosing the right solution provider has become a critical task for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. In order to assist firms in the task of finding prominent home healthcare solutions, we have compiled this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 home healthcare solution providers to showcase the organizations that can help you unlock new opportunities. We hope this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster sustainable and highly cost-efficient operations driven by robust and innovative technology.

We present to you, Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Home Healthcare Solution Companies – 2021.”

    Top Home Healthcare Solution Companies

  • Care Heroes specializes in healthcare, appreciating and rewarding caregivers to drive quality care and positive patient outcomes. Care Heroes provides an innovative, easy-to-use communication platform for home healthcare agencies and institutions to connect directly with their caregivers and effectively engage and manage their performance. The HIPAA- compliant secured platform is developed with a goal to motivate caregivers, enhance their dedication level and optimize healthcare by rendering a real incentive model. The platform offers digital currency called care coins for the caregivers for perfect attendance and active participation, which will be added to their bank every week. The caregivers can sign up on the platform and learn how much they achieved and redeem these coins into Walmart gift cards or Target gift cards and then to real dollars

  • Connect America is proud to be the nation’s largest independent provider of personal emergency response systems (PERS). With a full suite of reliable connected health solutions offered directly and through our more than 1000 healthcare network partners, we improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousand of individuals and their caregivers every-day. At Connect America, we believe that “connecting is caring,” and our mission is simple: To ensure that our customers reap the vital and, at times, life saving benefits of living in a connected world. Our healthcare division offers a growing portfolio of leading PERS, remote patient monitoring and medication management solutions. Our expertise, innovation and commitment to service make us the ideal partner for home healthcare and Medicaid agencies, hospitals, drugstore chains and other healthcare organizations. We are proud to deliver cutting-edge healthcare technologies to patients and individuals across the country everyday

  • Corstrata's board-certified wound & ostomy clinicians use both live video and a wound image to evaluate a patient's wound and consult with the provider to recommend the most effective treatment for better outcomes, improved patient quality of life, and lower overall cost. The company's mobile app allows a patient, a caregiver, or an onsite clinician to take wound photos easily, document the wound's status, and initiate a live video call with Corstrata's wound experts. Our experts monitor the wound's progress through its cloud-based telehealth platform and recommend treatments that promote healing. Corstrata's HIPAA compliant technologies facilitate documentation which reduces the provider's legal liability

  • Generations Homecare System is the industry leading solution tailor made for best in class private duty caregiving agencies that desire to provide exemplary care to their clients. Since 2002, Generations Homecare System has been dedicated to creating a quality homecare software service for the growing homecare industry. Founded by Lisa and Lance Ferden, this innovative husband and wife duo utilizes their professional backgrounds in homecare and information technology to create a software service that focuses on three key things: security, ease of use and documentation. Additionally, at the core of their mission is educating users on the importance of data security and best practices around the collection and storage of health data. Over time, Generations has evolved from a locally installed scheduling system to the cloud-hosted, enterprise-level management system it is toda

  • LocateMotion (SenSights.AI™) is well-being intelligence platform focused on providing virtual care and clinical decision support for mild dementia patients, starting with early cognitive decline amongst older adults. SenSights.AI™ uses AI and emerging technologies to gather data by creating a highly accurate digital twin to help personalize treatment choice, reduce the rate of cognitive decline and increase independence and aging in place among older adults. In the case of healthcare companies, we help improve healthcare outcomes, increase capacity and reduce hospital admission and/or readmission rates. Our platform uses millions of records of observational, behavioural, biometric, environmental and demographic data to improve our ML models of reducing wandering, fall and infection episodes and, ultimately, cognitive decline

  • SMARTcare Software is a leading enterprise level business automation solution for home healthcare. SMARTcare uses technology to organize, optimize, and drive homecare best practice processes for providing healthcare within the home while saving time and improving profitability and client/patient outcomes. The system is a fully integrated caregiver, financial, and business intelligence solution that provides tools to help manage patient care, compliance and manage a home agency by streamlining workflow, scheduling, billing at point of care. SMARTcare’s advanced system enables a continuum of care through system applications that seamlessly engaging the home care agency with the family and caregiver to coordinate the clients or patients care needs. Developed within successful home care agencies, the SMARTcare API’s provide interoperability to third-party systems to improve care-at-home. SMARTcare delivers a complete solution designed by a team that knows home care to save time and improve client or patient satisfaction

  • Axxess


    Axxess is the leading technology innovator for healthcare at home, providing solutions that help improve care for more than 2 million patients worldwide. Trusted by more than 7,000 organizations, Axxess offers a complete suite of easy-to-use, enterprise software solutions that empower home health, home care and hospice providers to grow their business while making lives better. The company's collaborative culture focused on innovation and excellence is recognized nationally as a "Best Place to Work." Founded in 2007 by CEO John Olajide, Axxess began as a consulting firm specializing in the home health industry and developed expertise in all aspects of organization operations by working closely with clients to deeply understand their unique needs. This philosophy of addressing industry needs has helped inform many innovations and the creation of state-of-the-art solutions that benefit home health, home care and hospice organizations

  • HHAeXchange


    At HHAeXchange, we believe that healthcare should be simple, effective, and transparent. Our mission is to provide better outcomes for patients who represent some of the most vulnerable and fragile members of our society. Since 2008, we have been at the forefront of delivering industry-leading homecare management solutions by helping payers and providers achieve operational efficiency, increased compliance, and improved patient outcomes. Today, HHAeXchange is the premiere homecare management software solution for the Medicaid LTSS population. We act as the single source of truth in connecting payers, providers, and patients through our intuitive web-based platform, enabling unparalleled communication, transparency, and visibility

  • Homecare Homebase

    Homecare Homebase

    Homecare Homebase is a software solution for home-based care. Our customized solutions streamline everything from scheduling, mapping and routing to billing, compliance and revenue cycle management. We’re leading the way in a dynamic new era of home-based care. Our software helps agencies deliver compassionate, quality care with extraordinary insight, data and solutions to boost patient and caregiver satisfaction. Our continuous innovation drives exceptional care for millions of people around the country. Everything we do is designed to streamline processes and give caregivers the one thing they value most: More time with the patients who need them

  • Signify Health

    Signify Health

    Signify Health is a leading healthcare platform that leverages advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide healthcare provider networks to create and power value-based payment programs. Our mission is to transform how care is paid for and delivered so that people can enjoy more healthy, happy days at home. Our solutions support value-based payment programs by aligning financial incentives around outcomes, providing tools to health plans and healthcare organizations designed to assess and manage risk and identify actionable opportunities for improved patient outcomes, coordination and cost-savings. Through our platform, we coordinate what we believe is a holistic suite of clinical, social, and behavioral services to address an individual’s healthcare needs and prevent adverse events that drive excess cost, all while shifting services towards the home